It’s an edgy affair !!

DSC_0444-01Hey Pretty Peeps,

Hope you’re doing well.. and enjoying my posts I’m trying to be regular with the blog which is quite interesting.

Fashion is always been the one constant thing I really love and enjoy, it has so much more to it than just an outfit you see, different moods,colors,fabric,expression,design,personality the list is endless. It’s the first thing that a person notices about you and like they​ say a good first impression is always a Nice idea. And I’ve always been a fan of oversized clothing.

So, today’s post has a sort of edgy look but super casual. Here I paired an oversized olive tee-shirt with a double buckle belt which is literally my fave thing right now. I love the details on the buckle, they are so intricate. I added these fishnet socks with the cut out boots to complete the look with a bold lip color which I don’t wear much often these days but it goes perfectly with this whole look. You can also try some oversized band tee-shirt’s. Oversized Everything looks so Good and the best part is the comfort factor. Which every girl loves. So go steal your Dad’s, Brother’s or boyfriend’s tee-shirt it’s that simple to create this look😋Let me know if you liked this post..

Until next time..😃


The Fashion Pixie 😘




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