Refreshing Yellow!!

Hello there people,


               Oh Wait! I just realized something this is like yet another summer outfit post here on my blog 😛 but well summer is not over yet so I can still post a lot of summer outfit’s and either way I think Hyderabad’s weather is always good for summer wear all through out the year. Which is so good, really!


            Well, anyway Maxi dresses are one of my most Fave outfits. Why? cause you really don’t need to put in much effort to look good in them, its a complete outfit which doesn’t require much but you can also jazz it up a bit with a few tweaks here and there and you are comfortable, ready to Flow(cause maxi’s are flowy) get it(excuse my Poor act of trying to be funny there) 😛

             So moving on! I had this maxi dress since like ages and I love the color and Everything about it, simple yet attractive. The minute I saw this on Myntra I had to get it. I did, not guilty one bit cause I love it so much it’s so comfortable yet cute and elegant at the same time. I had some other accessories in mind to pair up with it but they didn’t really go well with the outfit cause I got this at the time my hair was really long, Yes! I love to save outfits for the right event and also depending on how my mood is on that particular day.Please Don’t judge me!! I’m sure you guys must have done it one time at least, so anyway I kept it pretty simple as always a few gold rings and a choker necklace worn as a bracelet, and gold flats to go along with my maxi, to add a bit of proportion  added a thin brown waist belt. That’s literally it. A simple outfit goes a long way for this summer.. let me know how you liked this post and do try out yellow outfit’s this summer they are so cute and  refreshing😍 

As I always say let me know if you have any question’s or suggestion’s for me 🙂


Until Next Time…


The Fashion Pixie 😘



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