Casual comfort!!

Hello there!! How’s it going? Summer is literally getting worse I do not like this but then it rained last night and ooh! the smell of rain is so satisfying in this hot weather. I cannot begin to explain.. such bliss! Well, anyway let’s not get deviated by the rain talk and get into today’s post. Summer wear is all about comfort and style. Shorts,skirts,crop tops summer let’s you get all those things out of your closet. But then since when I got my hands on high waisted boyfriend jeans and mom jeans omg! I can literally live in them all around the year everyday cause they are so so comfortable and have the vintage look to it which I lovee.. You can pair them up with different tops to give your whole outfit a new look and everything will look perfect Everytime. Cause hey! Nothing can go wrong with these jeans😛





I’ve paired my blue high waist mom jeans with a Navy blue striped crop top and platform white shoes. Yes, white shoes I am obsessed with white shoes I have around 4-5 pairs of just white shoes. They just go well with every outfit. And these are my faves they look super cute and trendy. I added the tan belt to it to complete the whole look and make the jeans look even better and that is literally it. My style has always been inclined towards a bit of the sporty look I only dress girly when I feel girly or if the occasion requires it. But otherwise most times you’re going to find me in my sporty comfy look. And with that I shall end this post now. Hope you liked it!! Please let me know in the comments section what you thought about it 😀 see you sooner!!


The Fashion Pixie😘


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