Summer Green’s!



Hey guys!

Firstly welcome to my blog and I’d like to say Thank you if you are reading this cause you are officially a part of my blogging journey. Woohoo!! Let’s build a strong and positive community here. I have been wanting to start a blog since quite a while now And here it is.

Now, let’s get into it. Since summer is here already it is quite hot here in Hyderabad I can only imagine how hot it’s  going to get . Although summer is  my favourite I don’t think this is my idea of summer. But starting with the outfit I’ve always loved off shoulder and tube tops cause they Accentuate your collarbone and I am obsessed with that so I opted for this olive green off the shoulder top and high-waist ripped shorts  paired with a pair of black gladiators and it’s all good to go, being comfy and casual with a little bit of style is my thing. I opted for a danity gold chain which is my fave and I always tend to wear it cause it goes with every outfit sleek and minimal. So that’s about it for today. Hope you like it and let me know in the comments section of what you thought. Show some love and support And I’ll  See you soon in my next post.. xoxo!!😘😘


The Fashion Pixie.



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